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Are You Living With a Problem Gambler?

There are some pointers to look for if you are concerned that someone close to you has a problem with gambling.  Since the internet has become more accessible, so has gambling, therefore when looking for an online casino to play, visit reviews websites like as they have done all the due diligence for you. It is a simple fact the good comparison sites provide a portal where you can access great quality online casinos. is one such site as they are dedicated to providing their readers with true and fair information, unbiased reviews, news articles of interests, and of course those casinos which are gamble aware and that provide protection both for the potential problem gambler but also for minors and adolescents. 

As we have said there are some definite points to consider if you believe that someone you care for may have a problem and we shall list some of the most common behaviours below.  Please check them out and obviously the more that you agree with, the more likely it is that that person could have a gambling problem.

If you answer YES to at least six of these question you may well be living with a problem gambler and it would be wise to seek advice.

  • Has the gambling ever brought you to the point of threatening to break up the family unit?
  • Does the gambler ever suffer remorse or depression due to gambling, sometimes to the point of self-harm?
  • Do you feel that life together is a nightmare at times?
  • Do you ever attempt to anticipate their moods or try to control their life?
  • Do they consistently lie to cover p or even deny their gambling activities?
  • Does the gambler use guilt induction as a method of shifting responsibilities for their gambling onto you?
  • Have you noticed any personal changes in them as their gambling progressed?
  • Do you or have you ever hidden their money?
  • Do you or have you ever searched their clothing, go through their wallet or purse when the opportunity presents itself, or check his or her activities in other ways?
  • Have you ever hidden money that is needed for living expenses, fearing that you and the rest of the family will go without food or clothing if you do not?
  • Does the gamble borrow money to gamble with or to pay their gambling debts?
  • Has the gamblers reputation ever suffered due to gambling, even to the extent of committing illegal acts to finanace their gambling?
  • Do they immediately return to gambling to try to recover losses or to win more?
  • Have they ever gambled to get money in order to solve financial problems?
  • Do they have unrealistic expectations that gambling will bring the family material comfort and wealth?
  • Does the gambler ever gamble longer than they actually intended to, to the extent their last pound has gone?
  • Do you feel that they cannot be trusted with money?
  • Does the gambler ever lose time from their work due to their gambling
  • Does the gambler promise that they will stop gambling, then beg or plead for another chance, only to gamble again and again?
  • Is the person in question away from home for unexplained periods of time?
  • Have you or are you constantly bothered by debt collectors calling?

Please be aware that there are many professional organisations out there that can help if you believe that you are living with a problem gambler.