The Funniest Bingo TV Adverts

If you’re a TV fan, you’ll undoubtedly have seen loads of adverts for new online bingo sites. While some of them really didn’t exactly make an impression, others were hilarious. On this page, we’re going to look at five of the funniest bingo adverts we’ve ever seen!

Are You Gonna Bingo? – The Sun Bingo


The “Are You Gonna Bingo?” advert from The Sun Bingo really divided viewers. Some thought that the concept was brilliant, while others couldn’t wait for the advert to end. Either way, the song got stuck in people’s heads, constantly reminding them of the website behind the advert. The advert has now spawned loads of spin-offs and Jaz, the star of the show, is now a firm part of the online bingo world.


You’re the One That I Want – Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo couldn’t really go wrong when they decided to use one of the biggest songs from one of the world’s most popular musicals in their advert. With Foxy and supermarket worker Mandy taking the leading role, this advert manages to do what every good advert does by cementing the name of Foxy Bingo in people’s minds. It might have been aired for the first time in 2010, but it still makes us tap our feet every time we watch it again!


Lucky Pigeon – Paddy Power

Paddy Power has a reputation for releasing some of the funniest adverts around, but not many can top their advert featuring a giant pink lucky pigeon! It features the massive bird doing its business over people walking below, who win a prize when they’re hit. What follows is pandemonium, as people vie to be in the right position when the pigeon’s business makes its landing, and one woman even sees her ice cream being hit. Some thought it was tasteless, while others found it hilarious!


Bingo Thumb – Bingo on the Box

While some bingo adverts go for straightforward humour, this advert from Bingo on the Box went for something a little stranger. The whole advert is basically a thumb working out, getting ready to text the number of Bingo on the Box. It sounds like a really boring concept, but it’s actually really quite funny. It wasn’t enough to get players flocking to Bingo on the Box though, as the site is no longer around.


Are You Playing Gala Bingo? – Gala Bingo

The final advert on this list is from Gala Bingo and it features an unfortunate man in his kitchen. From nowhere, food starts flying and he’s lucky to avoid a falling pot of gold, which crashes to the floor. If that’s not enough though, he is then nearly taken out by a flaming bingo number, which swings directly in front of him like a wrecking ball. The reason for all this chaos? His wife is in the bedroom, playing at Gala Bingo, of course!