What are bingo tournaments?

These are a great feature on offer for online bingo players and they offer a nice amount of differentiation to enjoy. They are attractive because they offer you the chance to win big prizes, which for online bingo players is a nice benefit. Let’s look at the different types of online bingo tournaments that you can play and what they involve.

What are bingo tournaments

Freeroll tournament

This type of tournament is where you get to enter for free for a chance to win a prize. These are quite common in online gambling, especially bingo, however they do have different structures as well as different ways of paying out. Although some pay winnings in cash (mainly at the more established sites), others may pay in free chips or with tickets to bingo games, which can be utilised as a way of trying to win cash prizes. Some sites have rooms which are specifically dedicated for these kinds of tournaments.

Leaderboard based tournaments

Another type of tournament relates to having leaderboards and qualifying events. As a result, there will be a series of games that you play in order to qualify and these usually have a small entry cost. The better that you perform in these events, the more points that you accumulate which determines where you are on the leaderboard. In these types of tournaments, the prizes are given in relation to where you finish on the leaderboard. This means that the higher you finish, the larger your overall payout is.

Advantages of tournaments

There are many different advantages of online bingo tournaments, though they might not be for everyone. One of these is that, especially in ticket based events, you have an opportunity to pay at a set fee and also to play bingo for a substantial amount of time was well as the chance to win decent payouts if you are successful. These are good for most players because they are drawn in by the competitive nature of these types of events as well as the chance that they get to compete with other players for the bragging rights.

Substantial payouts for wins

Arguably one of the most attractive features, when you are in the last round of an online bingo tournament, it is fair to say that the stakes go up considerably and when you compare these to the actual price that you bought in at, this is particularly appealing. This is because very few people make it through to the final round, because they either lose or in some cases, get fed up and leave. This means that there is a substantial amount of money at stake for the winner.

Ticket based approach

The most common entry to an online bingo tournament is through purchasing tickets. This means that because there are multiple rounds to the event which stretches out over days, your winnings are tickets for progression into the later rounds. This works for every stage until you get to the final, where the winnings are much bigger than what you would get in regular games.

Future of online bingo tournaments

With more and more bingo sites starting over the last few years, and undoubtedly more to come, it is clear to see that there is significant potential in the industry. The popularity of online bingo has soared in the past decade and bingo tournaments with it as players look for alternative options other than just standard bingo games. There could well be tournament-only type sites which just have recurring tournaments, while developments in technology are sure to play a part.