What is a Random Number Generator in Bingo

Most online bingo players don’t question the numbers drawn, however the whole process is actually a vital one. After all, if the numbers aren’t drawn in a fair way, players can’t be sure that they’re being given an honest chance of winning.

The way in which fairness is maintained in online bingo is through the use of a random number generator. On this page, we’ll look at what random number generators are and how you can be sure that an RNG is a fair one. So, keep reading to learn more about this vital aspect of any online bingo game!

What is a Random Number Generator in Bingo

What Are Random Number Generators?

A random number generator is the tool used to ensure the number drawn in a game of online bingo is completely fair. As the name suggests, it generates random numbers. It does this constantly, even when the game isn’t being played. The exact number generated at the point the ball is drawn determines the number of the ball.

Of course, this is quite a simplistic explanation of an RNG though, as the mathematics behind even a simple RNG is quite baffling. The important thing to remember about it is this though: an RNG is completely random, which ensures that each number has the same chance of being called. In turn, this means that each bingo card has the same chance of winning.


Why Are RNGs Important?

RNGs are important for one simple reason: every player deserves a fair chance of winning. An RNG ensures that this is the case, and that every player within a game has the same chance of winning. Therefore, there can be no complaints from anyone, regardless of whether they win or not. Of course, there will be some who still complain when they don’t win though!

It’s also important to remember that online gambling didn’t used to have a great reputation, as people were suspicious of how fair the games really were. By using an RNG that has been proven to be fair though, an online bingo site can show all players that they really are offering an honest and trustworthy place to play.


How Do I Know an RNG is Fair?

It’s of course the case that a random number generator can only be trusted if it has been verified as fair by an authority. After all, an RNG could conceivably be created that wasn’t in fact random and could therefore be used to give certain players a better chance of winning.

In order to ensure that there’s trust, reputable new bingo sites will have their RNGs verified by a trusted external organisation, with the biggest of these being eCOGRA. These companies will subject the RNG to rigorous testing in order to ascertain whether the RNG really is truly random. If a site has demonstrated that it uses fair RNGs, the external testing organisation will issue a certificate, which can be checked by visiting the testing organisation’s website.

It should also be remembered that the Gambling Commission will only grant a licence to a site that can confirm that its games are completely fair. Therefore, any site with a Gambling Commission licence is completely fair and honest. Of course, having a licence from the Gambling Commission is also a legal requirement for any online gambling site looking to offer services to players in the UK.