What is Slingo Bingo?

While you may have heard of the various bingo games that you can play which you can find at most sites, there is one that some players are not familiar with. Slingo bingo has actually been around since 1996 when a New Jersey based entrepreneur created the game on an AOL platform. While this was a risk, it actually became an unexpected success and took off around the world.

What is Slingo Bingo

How to play Slingo Bingo

Essentially slingo is a combination of slots and bingo and those who play it find it a lot of fun. In order to get started, you are required to spin the slot reels below your grid and then check it to find out if it shows any of the numbers selected that now show on the reels. You can compare this to the action of checking the numbers on your bingo card.

In addition to slingo numbers, your reels can also show other symbols at any time throughout the game. Because you can potentially win big and instant prizes as well as any amount of special bonuses. In a traditional slingo game, the variety of symbols can be either the joker, a gold coin, super joker and also free spins.

Your stake is exchanged for a certain number of free spins and you must also be used within a specific amount of time. In addition to this, you are also likely to come up against some ways to gain extra free spins when taking part in slingo gameplay, while it is also possible to buy more spins while you are playing. As well as ticking off numbers, you are also required to build up as many points as you possibly can during the game.

Slots in slingo give you a certain amount of points in a game with every spin. The amount that you get varies with every game, depending on the actions that are taken. While certain slingo games have a varying amount of prizes, points are generally given for actions during a game. These include clearing a line of numbers, getting rid of all of the numbers on your card, getting coin symbols and spinning jokers or super jokers simulataneously.


How bingo differs from slots

Online slots and bingo machines differ in a lot of ways. Bingo slot machines provide an experience which is very similar to the classical, live bingo games that you can find on the numerous bingo sites. Meanwhile, the game of slingo itself is a slots based game which means that this will have a selection of other components which include added symbols as well as free spins that can be won.


Why should you play Slingo?

There are many different reasons why you should play slingo, though ultimately it depends on what you are looking for from your experience. One of them could be because you have grown too accustomed to the game of bingo and as a result want some kind of variety that bingo itself doesn’t offer you. Another, meanwhile, could be because you may have grown disillusioned with bingo, especially if you have gone a lot of games without winning in a row.


How long will slingo be around for?

Due to the fact that the game has been going since 1996 and the fact that it has lasted for more than two decades, this gives an indication that it is still, if not more as popular today as it was then. With more and more people gaining access to technology as well and also the fact that more awareness is being raised about the game, this is one factor that suggests it could well be around for quite a while longer.